Online Libraries – A Renewed Strategies to Fight Low Literacy

Online libraries are beyond any shadow of a doubt, tremendous opportunities for all Internet surfers, who are still addicted to reading books, but they no longer have the time to go to the library, or buying books is not part of their budget. Therefore, they can take advantage of online resources, that are usually stored and organized as eBook files. The e-format we can access in online libraries was obtained after the conversion of classic books into pdf files. It is worth pointing out that online libraries fall in two different categories according to whether the service is for free or not. Thus, an account to a payable service provides a larger offer, and, probably high quality formats. As for free accounts, such options are basically inferior to a payable service, and the differences are noticeable at face value.

The very first drawback is related to the the database because free services provide a limited number of items. Regardless of the basic feature, online libraries are similarly organized, meaning that, the home page comprises the basic categories hosting the entire database, facts about the serve (how it works), log in/ log out options, subscription criteria. In essence, online libraries have a very friendly interface, usually based upon a library management software. Nevertheless, the online platform has been adjusted for very specific purposes and are pretty different from the application used in traditional libraries, simply because this service means more than a library online catalogue.

We need to emphasize the fact that, a new line of online libraries are available today as part of the national plan developed in order to fight low literacy and illiteracy. A brand new service committed to educational progress via online means is a website developed by the authorities, also branded The World Digital Library, and launched in April, 2010. This project is also envisaged as an international service due to the fact that visitors can access the database resources in various languages (French, Russian, Spanish, and many more). The main goal exceeds the standards of similar cultural projects as The World Digital Library aims for strong cultural connections between world’s nations. Another online library sharing a similar approach is a website where you can find the work of famous authors in English literature, and if you take a closer look at the Author Index, you will see that the books are quite impressive.

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